Video: My talk for Adobe on Breaking Photographic Rules & Experimentation

ADOBE asked me to give a talk at their sold-out event in San Diego for Creative Cloud. I chose to do my talk/presentation about how I break photographic rules and use several forms of experimentation to keep me inspired. I wanted to talk about my “weird work” and not the “regular work” (that’s generally inspired by the “weird work”).

I was nervous — the room was sold-out and packed with 500 people, and the talk was livestreamed to all of Adobe’s social media followers….. !!!
Also it was real noisy, and I’m kind of shy… but so I did it anyways.

#Polaroid #risks #RandomChaos #film #pointandshoot #holga #35mm #layers #expired #workshops
My workshops that cover this type of subject matter:

There are a few sound problems in this video, but overall you get the idea:

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