• Do you shoot film or digital?

• Where are you located?
I live in San Diego, CA. But shoot most of my work out of town/out of the country.

• Do you shoot destination weddings?

• There’s lots of artsy stuff on your site, what about the family group photos that we need? And other basic wedding photos? do you take those??
Yes, of course. I get full coverage, I just don’t feature those on my portfolio because you’ve seen them a thousand times on a hundred other sites. My blog has full coverage of weddings on it.

• How do you process your digital photos to get those colors/effects?
I have thousands of different actions I have collected & built over the years. I either create new processes or build on older ones for each shoot. It’s impossible to say what I have used for each session or which combo since they are all different. Sorry I can’t be more helpful with this. I don’t do any digital post-processing on my film photographs, however.

• Can you just give me your processing- I’ll send you mine in exchange!?

• Do you sell prints of your artwork?

Yes! – just shoot me an email with which image you want to purchase and what size.

• How do I find out more about your Summoning The Artist Workshops?
Click HERE for more information, To set up a workshop in your town, or a one-on-one Skype session with me, email me directly here: info@featherlove.com.
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